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Mason 'style' Mallard

Fullsize Mallard. Measures 43cm long 15 cm wide. Classic Mason snakey head design. Hollow carved. Thick swirl paint surface.
Mason 'style' Mallard
Mason 'style' Mallard Mason 'style' Mallard
Lee Dudley 'stlye' Canvasback Lee Dudley 'stlye' Canvasback
Lee Dudley 'stlye' Canvasback

Fullsize, solid body Canvasback. Very much distressed showing lots of wear. Weighted with Carved LD in the bottom along with my carved signature.

"Passenger Pigeon" or "Wild Pigeon"

Long slender bird 40cm in length. Oak inserted bill, carved wing and carved eyes. Wire legs on painted pine base.
This bird was hunted to extinction 1870-1890's Last one known "Martha" Cincinnati Zoo.

Passenger Pigeon
Passenger Pigeon Passenger Pigeon

Hollow and fullsize with glass eyes. 
54 cm long.
Hooded Merganser

Red Breasted Merganser


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Welcome to my new site! I have enhanced my site to allow for more decoy and shorebird pictures. All decoys shown on this site are my personal creations. I continuously update this webpage with new carvings being created in the US and in Germany.

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