Fish Decoys

Welcome to my new site! I have enhanced my site to allow for more decoy and shorebird pictures. All decoys shown on this site are my personal creations. I continuously update this webpage with new carvings being created in the US and in Germany.

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December 15, 2015

I also do some restoration and repair of old decoys. I have experience in many different decoy styles and makers. However, I am a full time carver and not a full time repairman. I will need to see the decoy or at the very least view some good pictures of your bird before I can tell you if I am willing to work on it. An estimate of the work is then to be done. I always reserve the right to refuse to do the work. I also can't estimate a price until I actually see the decoy. However, I am always up to a challenge, so do not hesitate to email me about work needed to be done on your fine decoy. Thanks.



Ira Hudson Merganser (Restoration)

An Ira Hudson Merganser - Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Circa 1920's


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