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My services include restoration and repair of old decoys. I have experience in many different decoy styles and makers. However, I am a full-time carver and not a full-time repairman. I will need to see the decoy or at the very least view some good pictures of your bird before I can tell you if I am willing to work on it. At that point, I will send you an estimate of the work to be done. I always reserve the right to refuse to do the work. I also can't estimate a price until I actually see the decoy. However, I am always up to a challenge, so do not hesitate to email me about work needed to be done on your fine decoy. Thanks.

Below are photos of a restoration project which I did on an Ira Hudson merganser. Click on the photos to see enlarged images.

Ira Hudson Merganser before restoration
Ira Hudson Merganser after restoration

Ira Hudson Merganser (Restoration)

An Ira Hudson merganser - Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Circa 1920s.

For any questions, possible commissions or prices, you are welcome to contact Reg Birch at

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